Gerrit P. Haase gerrit@familiehaase.de
Sun Dec 11 22:39:00 GMT 2005

Yaakov schrieb:

> Gerrit,

> Here's an update.

>> A) There's no rush yet on glib-2.8, pango-1.10, or gtk+-2.8.

> More specifically, these packages require glib-2.8:
> GConf2-2.12
> gnome-desktop-2.12
> zenity-2.12

> So glib-2.8 *would* be helpful (and shouldn't be a big deal, as nothing
> has fundamentally changed in glib); we can still take some time with 
> pango and gtk+.

I got some failings when running make check, though.

>> C) A bump to atk-1.10.3 would be nice, and can proceed glib-2.8.

> s/proceed/precede/


>> D) I can start working on GNOME 2.12 right now.

> Almost done, but still needs testing; I've posted everything I have so
> far to Cygwin Ports.

Can you run the desktop?  I still have trouble to run the desktop here.


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