using --enable-auto-image-base

Gerrit P. Haase
Thu Dec 22 03:21:00 GMT 2005

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:

> Gerrit P. Haase:
> 	expat
> 	freeglut
> 	jasper
> 	libcroco06
> 	libdb4.2
> 	libdb4.3
> 	libexif10
> 	openjade
> 	OpenSP

There are new DB, Expat and OpenSP releases on the way, no need to
rebuild the older version IMO.  I will do in case of DB if there are
problems reported.

Hmm, I'll take a look if there are newer releases of Exif, Jasper,
Freeglut or Libcroco available.

Openjade contains DLLs?  Doesn't it use OpenSP as backend?  Hmm,
probably there will be an update once OpenSP is ready.  Anyway, openjade
is just an application, does anyone link to its library?


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