gtk2 using SysV memory? (Was: Re: [ITP] gvim-6.4)

Gerrit P. Haase
Tue Dec 27 22:15:00 GMT 2005

Yaakov schrieb:

>> So what we have here looks like something I don't like, which is, that
>> running gvim requires to run Cygserver because something, gvim itself or
>> some library, is using SYSV shared memory.

> After doing some experimentation, it looks like this isn't a specific
> problem with gvim, but is common to gtk2 apps, e.g.:

> $ CYGWIN= gcolor2
> Bad system call

> $ gcolor2
> [runs]

>> I don't think that should be necessary, except in very trying cases like,
>> say, a database like postgresql.  So, whatever is using SYSV shared 
>> memory in this scenario, it shouldn't.  The fact that I can start
>> gvim on local Xmingw server but not on a remote X server shows,
>> that SYSV shared memory can't be a necessity.

> Gerrit?

It is uploaded now, could you test, please?


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