Bug found - Re: Needing a debug version of setup.exe

Doug Wyatt dwyatt@kohlmansystems.com
Fri Dec 30 22:27:00 GMT 2005

First, my thanks to Igor Pechtchanski for reminding me that
there is a firewall between me and the CVS server.  I had no
problem getting the source, from outside the firewall.

I built a debug version of setup.exe and used that to find
the problem in the setup.ini generated for a repository we
maintain on our company LAN.

What I found was that a 'source:' line without either a
preceding 'version:' or 'install:' line in the package entry
will cause setup.exe to crash.

In my case, it was an old gperf source package that did not
have a version number that led to the problem (no 'version:'
line was generated by upset).  But, the issue can be duplicated
in the gcc-testsuite package entry by just commenting-out a
'version:' line in setup.ini; or in any other package entry, by
commenting-out the 'version:' and 'install:' lines, leaving the
'source:' entry for a particular version number.

My apologies for not being able to offer a patch.  It's been
a *very* long time since I last constructed a YACC grammar or
action routines for one.  I don't even know that the developers
will even consider this to be a bug. It's certainly not a
serious one.

Doug Wyatt

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