Interested in becoming the maintainer for txt2man & MiMMS

Shaddy Baddah
Sat Dec 31 18:28:00 GMT 2005

Hi again,

Shaddy Baddah wrote:
> I'm interested in submitting and maintaining Marc Vertes txt2man package
>  ( This package is also available in debian
> (
> It is a pretty small package, and I understand if it is considered to
> small for a stand-alone package, however there is no harm in proposing
> right (at least it worked on one occasion that I tried it ;-) ).

I neglected to mention a motive for wanting this package accepted. I 
intended to, and may as well do, propose maintaining the MiMMS MMS 
(mms://) streaming media download utility 
( This package is also 
available in Debian (

If txt2man is not available, then it cast doubts on MiMMS, merely 
because the source package uses txt2man to generate the man page. Not 
having txt2man will break the expectation that MiMMS can be compiled 
from source.

The mimms setup.hint would look like this:

category: web
requires: libpopt0 cygwin
sdesc:    "MMS (mms://) streaming media download utility"
ldesc:    "MiMMS, formerly called "mmsclient", is a simple client to 
streaming audio and/or video media from the internet using the MMS
protocol (i.e. from mms:// type URLs, generally found in asx
files). Downloaded streams can then be replayed offline at your
leisure, using any compatible media player of your choice.


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