new package: mined text editor

Gerrit P. Haase
Wed Feb 9 09:03:00 GMT 2005 wrote:

> I have released version 2000.10 of my editor mined.
> I had proposed it as a cygwin package last year and got the votes 
> and a package review. This is a new version and I suppose the package 
> should be alright now.
> The setup.hint file and the binary and source packages are available 
> for download from the directory
> The setup.hint file is also shown below.

GTG from my point of view.

Some notes:

Packaging looks ok.  Program is running.  Since I don't know mined
I cannot say if it is working as expected however.

The setup.hint ldesc is somewhat long, it is a 'hint' and I think
there is no need to include the full README here.

Source compiles ok.

Could you also post a link to the initial thread with the votes
and review, please (I cannot remember right now and I'm lazy...)?


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