nfs server config

Sat Feb 12 01:50:00 GMT 2005

but doesn't work!!!
the mount log tell me the is a problem..
there isn't access to the partition!!
and in another cygwin installation i don't have this time of error...

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> At 04:44 PM 2/11/2005, you wrote:
>>and we i use the command
>> nfs-server-config
>>i have this problem????
>>$ nfs-server-config
>>Installing portmap as 'Cygwin portmap'
>>Installing mountd as 'Cygwin mountd'
>>Installing nfsd as 'Cygwin nfsd'
>>mount(1) command did not return SYSTEM mount(s).
>>It looks like you have installed Cygwin for a single user.
>>Cygwin mount points will not be available to programs installed
>>as Windows services. This will keep portmap, mountd, and nfsd
>>from running as Windows services.
>>In order for portmap, mountd and nfsd to function properly,
>>you should establish global mount points using the /bin/mount
>>utility. You can change user-specific Cygwin mount points to
>>global mount points using the following command:
>>    eval mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/bin" "/usr/bin";
>>mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/lib" "/usr/lib";
>>mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin" "/";
>>mount -s -b --change-cygdrive-prefix "/cygdrive";
>>You current mount -m  listing is:
>>mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/bin" "/usr/bin"
>>mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/lib" "/usr/lib"
>>mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin" "/"
>>mount -s -b --change-cygdrive-prefix "/cygdrive"
>>pls help me!!!!
> Hm, seems I remember this as an old bug but I couldn't google up a 
> reference
> to it.  If "mount -m" shows you the above listing, you can ignore the
> warning.  It's erroneous.
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