RECTwrapper.h is missing from setup-2.427-1-src.tar.bz2

Max Bowsher
Fri Feb 18 23:17:00 GMT 2005

Barry Kelly wrote:
> Hello Max,

Hi, but please keep discussion on the mailing list.
I'm copying this to cygwin-apps, please reply to there.

> I'm trying to compile Cygwin setup using setup-2.427-1-src.tar.bz2,

Why? That's an old version.

> the source tarball that came with the latest Cygwin. The file
> RECTwrapper.h (and maybe others) are missing from that tarball.

Known bug, already fixed.

> Where can I get it?

Don't - instead just use a later version.

> Bear in mind I have a bare-bones Cygwin, no gcc, no make, no cvs, none
> of that. I barely have bash. If you could send me a complete,
> self-contained tarball, or direct me to somewhere I can get one, I'll
> hack the source to work with Visual Studio 03 and try and trace down
> this error.

I expect you would have an easier time doing a simple standard install of 
Cygwin (avoiding whatever special arrangement of local packages triggers the 
bug for you).

The setup website is at


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