RFC: Apache HTTPD 2.0

Max Bowsher maxb@ukf.net
Sat Feb 19 23:19:00 GMT 2005

Reini Urban wrote:
> Max Bowsher schrieb:
>> I'd like some opinions...

>> To avoid conflict with the 1.3 package, I've appended a "2" to the names
>> of all the executables (and manpages). Horrible, but I can't see any
>> better way. Can you?
> --prefix=/opt/apache2

*NO WAY*. This is supposed to be a proper main-system package.

>> At the moment my package is using the default pidfile of
>> /var/run/httpd.pid . Do I need to dig through the source (and manual)
>> and patch this to httpd2.pid, or can we safely assume no one will want
>> to run both at once?
> You usually do run both at once, for testing purposes.

You do!?!

> But it's easy for the user to change that in the conf file.

Awfully easy to forget, though.

/me sighs and goes to patch more.


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