New catgets/gencat package

Bryan Henderson
Thu Jun 2 16:54:00 GMT 2005

I have a designed-for-Linux program that doesn't run on Cygwin because
it wants to use the X/Open Catgets message catalog functions from the
GNU C library.  Searching the Cygwin mailing list, I see others have
had the same problem.

So I extracted the Catgets function (along with a bunch of utilities
it uses) from Glibc into a package of its own that works on Cygwin.
It consists of a libcatgets library, its nl_types.h header file, and
the gencat program.

Would this be a good thing to distribute as a Cygwin package?


sdesc: "catgets message catalog API; gencat"

ldesc: "catgets library functions (catopen, catclose, catgets) for
accessing message catalogs, and gencat program for generating message
catalogs.  From GNU C library; used by many programs written for Linux"

category: Devel Text Libs

requires: cygwin

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San Jose, California

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