New catgets/gencat package

Bryan Henderson
Sat Jun 4 18:13:00 GMT 2005

>> sdesc: "catgets message catalog API; gencat"
>Is the package name also "catgets"?  Though in this particular case,
>"catgets: catgets message catalog API; gencat" doesn't look too weird.

It is.  The repetiveness sounds a little awkward, but is entirely
logical, because the second "catgets" is from another namespace.  It's
like a movie database saying, "name: Nixon; description: Biography of

>split this into "libcatgets" that contains
>just the runtime DLL, and "libcatgets-devel" that contains the necessary
>headers, the static libs (if any), and the gencat utility.

Except that there's no DLL; it's all a development package.
libcatgets.a is so small and infrequently used that the added
complexity of a DLL just isn't worth it.

>why not simply submit a patch to newlib that implements those

I'm pretty sure that would be a waste of time; that if Newlib people
didn't object to this on philosophical grounds (that newlib should
remain a lean core and people who need the frills should add them on),
they would object on style grounds.  The glibc catgets function drags
with it a dozen other glibc facilities that aren't in newlib.  For
example, the obstack memory allocator, the argp command line option
processor, the getopt_long_r recursion-safe version of getopt_long.

I'm not willing to spend another 6 hours reworking all that so it fits
nicely into newlib (OTOH, I might be willing to contribute 6 hours
toward porting glibc to Cygwin!).

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