maybe-ITP: bsdiff

Sun Jun 5 16:15:00 GMT 2005

>> As far as I can see, BSDPL is an Open Source license under the
>> definition referenced, so the exception should apply. (I gave up
>> arguing with the people, but they never came up with
>> any argument for why BSDPL didn't qualify -- the worst they could
>> say was that it was poorly written.)
>> As for making cygwin compatible with BSDPL, does cygwin need to
>> link statically or dynamically? I don't consider dynamic linking
>> to fall into the scope of the license.
Since upstream has confirmed that dynamic linking is not intedned to be 
restricted by his licence, it is safe to upload iff RedHat agrees the BSDPL 
is OSD compliant.

So, what sayith the lid that reflects light with a wavelength between 
aproximately 630 to 750 nanometers? 

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