Please upload xmon-1.5.6-1 (new package)

Harold L Hunt II
Fri Jun 10 09:14:00 GMT 2005

I packaged the xmon program today (and used it extensively, so I know it 
works) for Cygwin.



"Xmon interactively monitors the byte-stream connections between an X
server and a number of X clients.  Xmon recognizes all requests,
events, errors and replies sent between the clients and the server
which are part of the core X protocol.  The contents of these messages
are displayed on standard output at a user settable degree of detail
from none to every bit and byte.  Xmon also allows the user to select
a number of requests or events to be monitored at a different degree
of detail.  Xmon will also block the transmission of selected requests
from the clients to the server and selected events from the server to
the clients.  Xmon also keeps statistics of the number of requests,
events, and errors received."

1) The usual Imakefile stuff (two lines).

2) Two #define changes to make sure we call fcntl(*, FD_CLOEXEC) instead 
of ioctl(*, FIOCLEX, *), since FIOCLEX didn't seem to be available for 
ioctl (didn't check any further since I knew that FD_CLOEXEC was 
available and the code was already written for it.

In summary, very straight-forward port and package.


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