broken file (libguile12-1.6.7-1)

Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Fri Jun 10 21:43:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent writes:

> # Libraries that this one depends upon.
> dependency_libs=' /home/mingw/cygwin/root/usr/lib/
> -lcrypt'

Ugh.  Apparently my after-libtool cleanup failed.

> So I changed the 'library_names' line to 'libguile.dll.a' instead of
> 'cygguile.dll.a', and the link worked.  I'm really not totally fluent in
> libtool but it does seem to me that these are guile packaging problems
> and not the fault of autogen, no?

Yes, so it seems.  I'll try to add more sed fixup rules; thanks.


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