Readying CHANGES file in preparation for release.

Max Bowsher
Sun Jun 12 00:03:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> I think the setup that we currently have is undeniably better than the
>> current release version, so I am thinking of putting out a beta and
>> announcing it to the main cygwin list, to get some final testing before a
>> real release.
>> Are there any things that we should wait for before doing a beta?
> Sorry for the delay.

No problem. I've also been somewhat absent recently - exams drew me away 
from the computer, but they're over now.

> I think it would good to do an official test release and announce it on
> the main list.  I haven't yet looked at Igor's patch but I think it's a
> great idea and we should perhaps add that first.

Yes. Now I have a bit more time, I'll try to get back to it.

> There are still some minor issues that need addressing before doing an
> actual (non-test) release, though.  Hopefully with more testers we can
> get a good idea of what still needs tweaking.
> One thing that I have been meaning to look at soon is re-doing the
> install procedure to properly address the dependency issue.  I would
> like to treat each of the possible 4 steps (preremove, delete files,
> install new files, postinstall) equally and do them all in the correct
> order, instead of trying to do them as seperate operations.  The general
> idea I had in mind for the logic is to make one large list of all such
> necessary operations, and then sort it based on the requirements for
> each step.

I don't see this as a release blocker in any way.
What we have now in CVS is better than the last release.

IIUC, the only remaining problems are for packages which have postinstall or 
preremove scripts which need to be run after other packages' scripts. This 
should be a much rarer situation than the "cannot find DLL" issues.


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