Ok. I give. We need a way to install snapshots via setup.exe.

Gary R. Van Sickle g.r.vansickle@worldnet.att.net
Sun Jun 12 07:14:00 GMT 2005

> Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
> > I have a non-setup, single-click method of installing 
> snapshots that 
> > I've used for quite a while, if that's of any interest.
> How can we possibly know whether it is of interest if you 
> don't tell us anything about it?


- It's not setup based.
- It's single-click.
- I've used it personally for quite a while.


It's a magical Windows batch/Perl script combo in a single file.  You run
it, it uses Perl to scan the snapshot HTML page for the latest one,
downloads the .tar.bz using wget, untars everything using tar, and with some
batch file sleight of hand replaces cygwin1.dll.  No options or anything,
zero interactivity, but it's been extremely reliable for me, and I use it
all the time (i.e. just about daily).  I've posted it to one of the lists
before, but I'm sure I've updated it since then with better error handling

I don't know what level of user Chris had in mind when he posited the
original query, but any potential user of this (awesome) script would have
to be sharp enough to know what to do if the latest snapshot, say, broke
perl.  I.e., run setup and install the release version of the DLL.  It's
rare that this happens, but it does happen on occasion.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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