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Yuk, top-posting.  Reformatted.

On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Soong, SylokeJ wrote:

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<>.  Thanks.  You may also find
<> enlightening...

> Subject: Setup.exe
> > [snip irrelevant message]

...especially since the content of that message was completely irrelevant
to what you said.

> I used cygwin for the first time since three years ago when it seemed
> quite different from now. It could have been longer.
> I find the intention of the interface commendable but its implementation
> confusing.
> Normally, I choose FTP over HTTP for downloading. That's a mistake here,
> because the cygwin setup UI made me spend 15 minutes choosing and
> unchoosing. The FTP connection timed out a few times. Setup.exe would
> not renew the connection. I had to restart setup.exe. So it's pointless
> to have FTP mirrors when setup.exe make them (to use an oft overused
> adjective/adverb, virtually) inaccessible. I put on a computer gaming
> warrior attitude trying to race my selecting/deselecting download items
> against the FTP time-out (How to play computer games in the office under
> your bosses' noses without them realising). I finally admitted defeat
> and switched to HTTP download to enable me to continue towards a more
> responsible life-style in the office.

Though I did enjoy the writing style.  As for renewing FTP connections --
<>.  Same goes for rsync.

> If you had used starz movie download, you could unselect/cancel
> items while the download is going on. I had to stop and restart
> setup.exe a few times yesterday because, I suddenly realised I didn't
> want gnomes or ghosts which would have increased my download time by a
> quarter. A HTML set of forms with explanatory links to select/unselect
> items and then a final checkout list. The checkout list has dependencies
> listed, with unselected dependencies warnings. Also with file sizes so
> that I could return to select/unselect to meet my total download size
> budget I had in mind.

Heh, a Cygwin shopping cart, with a checkout?  Might actually work.

Who's first in line to implement the "Add to Cart" button? ;-)
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