RFC: update-alternatives

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Sun Jun 26 03:35:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> FWIW, the second alternative (pun unintentional) sounds like a winner,
> except for the chkconfig disentanglement issue.  But then, I'm not likely
> to contribute any code to it, so it's really up to the volunteer
> maintainer to decide.

I went with this option.  As it happens, Sergey's chkconfig is based on 
an earlier fork of Red Hat's chkconfig...

   Red Hat chkconfig 1.2.24
   |     had chkconfig and ntsysv, but not alternatives, relied
   |     on popt, no portability, used gettext.
   +--> BSI chkconfig 1.2.24h [a, b, c ... h]
   |    |  still no alternatives, but popt replaced with getopt_long,
   |    |  autoconfiscated, other bugfixes.  Still uses gettext.
   |    |
   |    +--> Sergey's (cygwin) package
   |           some cygwin-oriented bugfixes, ntsysv not included
   |           adapted to cygwin packaging standard
   +--> Red Hat chkconfig-1.3.20
        |  somewhere along the way, added alternatives.  Very little
        |  change in the chkconfig/ntsysv code.  FWIW, alternatives
        |  does NOT use popt, but DOES use gettext.
        +--> My (cygwin) alternatives package
               autoconfiscated, chkconfig/ntsysv removed.  Still uses
               gettext.  Adapted to cygwin packaging standard.

ITP to follow.


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