ITP: alternatives

Charles Wilson
Sun Jun 26 23:52:00 GMT 2005

Charles Wilson wrote:
> As discussed in this thread:
> hint text
> --------------------------
> category: Base
> sdesc: "A tool for managing package conflicts"
> ldesc: "The alternatives provides mechanisms for maintaining a
> database of, and managing, other packages which might be in conflict
> with each other. The end user can easily switch between the desired
> versions."
> requires: libintl3 libiconv2

FWIW, I modified all of the automake1.X packages to use 
update-alternatives in their postinstall/preremove scripts instead of 
the existing homegrown shell code.  Works like a charm.

Can I get a GTG from somebody (I know, it's the weekend...)? -- I think 
that's all I need as Debian includes this in its distro.

Also, is 'Base' the appropriate category (*I* think so, but some 
confirmation from some of the core team would be good.)


/usr/sbin/update-alternatives -> alternatives.exe

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