Blind people using setup.exe?

Brian Dessent
Tue Jun 28 01:17:00 GMT 2005

Larry Hall wrote:

> You can certainly manipulate the state of the console window using the
> STARTUPINFO structure for CreateProcess() (see the dwFlags and
> wShowWindow parameters).  I've used this in the past to hide a console
> window that's created by invoking a console app via CreateProcess().

I think we're just going in circles here.  The whole point of compiling
setup as a character mode application is that so it would have a console
attached when it runs.  But then you have the ugly flashing console
window.  If you supply the DETACHED (whatever it's called) option to
CreateProcess, then you're back to where you started and might as well
just compile it as a windowed process that has no console.

Really I think just displaying a MessageBox (or some other kind of
notification window) is the best way to go.  Since setup uses the
autoload capability it *might* be possible to detect if running under XP
and call AttachConsole().  But even that may be overcomplicating things,
because then you have different behaviors depending on what OS it's
running on, and whether a console or a pty is involved.


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