lapack 3.0

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed Jun 29 17:46:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, James R. Phillips wrote:

> --- Max Bowsher wrote:
> > > installed by hand in the /usr/local/bin subdirectory.  This insures
> > > two things: 1) they will be loaded at run time instead of the
> > > nonoptimized dlls
> >
> > Point 1) is valid only for executables not installed in /usr/bin
> > themselves. Is it likely that we would ever want to accept packages
> > which use lapack/atlas into the Cygwin distribution? If so, the above
> > is not a wonderful solution.
> Umm, of course it is likely.  This is the intent.  My test configuration
> is of octave-2.1.71, installed from source in /usr/local/bin.  In an
> official package it would be installed in /usr/bin, so this would be a
> problem.  It just hasn't come up in my testing.  I'll have to look into
> the issue.  Suggestions involving minimal effort gratefully accepted.

One problem I have with /usr/local/bin is that this will write over
whatever local version of lapack/atlas the user has installed by hand.
Let's leave /usr/local for the user.

A possibility would be to use the /opt or /usr/lib hierarchy (i.e.,
install atlas DLLs in /opt/atlas/bin or /usr/lib/atlas/bin), and add a
/etc/profile.d script that would prepend atlas directories to the PATH
(that way, the atlas DLLs will override the lapack ones installed in
/usr/bin, or even /usr/lib/lapack/bin).
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