lapack 3.0

James R. Phillips
Wed Jun 29 18:59:00 GMT 2005

--- Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> One problem I have with /usr/local/bin is that this will write over
> whatever local version of lapack/atlas the user has installed by hand.
> Let's leave /usr/local for the user.

That's exactly what I'm trying to do.  The atlas libs installed in
/usr/local/bin would be installed by the user, after he compiles them.  So if
he has old verions in there, he can decide on his own whether to overwrite

> A possibility would be to use the /opt or /usr/lib hierarchy (i.e.,
> install atlas DLLs in /opt/atlas/bin or /usr/lib/atlas/bin), and add a
> /etc/profile.d script that would prepend atlas directories to the PATH
> (that way, the atlas DLLs will override the lapack ones installed in
> /usr/bin, or even /usr/lib/lapack/bin).

I think you are on to something here; we are getting close.  The key is to
_not_ install the binary distribution non-optimized lapack dlls in /usr/bin,
because if they are in that directory they cannot be easily overridden for any
app (such as octave) also in /usr/bin.  This develops because windows always
searches the current directory for binaries before searching the path, whereas
*nix doesn't.  So there is (for dll's) always an implied "./" at the beginning
of the path.

They need to live somewhere else that has been added to the _back_ end of the
path by an init.d script, say /opt/lapack/bin.  Then when the user installs
optimized libs in /usr/local/bin, they will automatically be picked up ahead of
the non-optimized libs in the path.

On another issue:

My patch works when applied in the forward sense, to create the patched source
from the orignal source.  However, I noticed that my patch fails when applied
in reverse, to recreate the source distribution from the patched source.  It
succeeds for files that exist in the original distribution, but fails for files
that do not exist in the original distribution.  It doesn't successfully delete
them.  I've tried changing the -u flag to -c when creating the diff; makes no
difference.  Neither does adding the -E option to the reverse patch.  Any ideas
will be gratefully accepted.

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