unison-2.9.1, unison-2.9.20, unison-2.10.2

Gerrit P. Haase gp@familiehaase.de
Sun Mar 6 11:57:00 GMT 2005

Max Bowsher wrote:

> Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> Therefore, in order to provide the most utility to Cygwin users, I've 
>> decided
>> to split the existing unison package into three new packages: 
>> unison-2.9.1,
>> unison-2.9.20, and unison-2.10.2.  The package URLs are below.  Note that
>> Debian includes unison 2.9.1, while versions 2.9.20 and 2.10.2 are 
>> already
>> provided in the existing Cygwin unison package.
> A package name cannot contain the sequence "dash digit". Thus these 
> packages are invalid.
> Name them unison2.10.2 etc.

And include the version in the name then as usual:


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