[Pre-ITP] httpd-2.0.53-0.3

Stipe Tolj st@tolj.org
Tue Mar 8 18:16:00 GMT 2005

Max Bowsher wrote:

> I see 100% load, too, when serving lots of concurrent requests.
> Doesn't interfere with interactive use of the machine in most cases, so 
> I guess that's OK really, since no one should be using Cygwin for a 
> dedicated server anyway.

I do. But only for "private playground" ;)

> Interesting. I'm running an ApacheBench run from a linux machine on the 
> same LAN, specifying 2 million connections, up to 100 concurrently.
> I'm getting some errors relating to all my ports being taken up with 
> TIME_WAIT connections, but no other errors.

I did the test with siege, which is very good for load testing. So, any idea on 
why we get fork() resource problems?

> I tried once before (around 2.0.48, IIRC) and the results were not good. 
> Even under no significant load, many requests failed for no visible reason.

yep, that's the same I was observing. Unfortunatly I can "confirm"... via the 
work on the Kannel gateway, that cygwin's pthread lib is broken... unfortunatly 
no chance to give this a forensic analysis.

Are you going to go on with checking on the fork() problem Max? or intending to 
package for shipping? ;)


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