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Hack Kampbjorn
Thu Mar 10 23:07:00 GMT 2005

Note setup.hint has not changed but alot has changed for keychain. It may be 
safer to set it to test for some time.

sdesc: "An OpenSSH key manager"
ldesc: "Keychain is an OpenSSH key manager, typically run from
~/.bash_profile. When run, it will make sure ssh-agent is running; if
not, it will start ssh-agent. It will redirect ssh-agent's output to
~/.ssh-agent, so that cron jobs that need to use ssh-agent keys can
simply source this file and make the necessary passwordless ssh
connections. In addition, when keychain runs, it will check with
ssh-agent and make sure that the ssh RSA/DSA keys that you specified on
the keychain command line have actually been added to ssh-agent. If not,
you are prompted for the appropriate passphrases so that they can be
added by keychain."
category: Utils
# cygwin contains kill and ps
# sh-utils contains uname and whoami
requires: openssh bash grep gawk sh-utils cygwin

* keychain (10 Mar 2005)

   10 Mar 2005; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix problem introduced in 2.5.3 wrt adding gpg keys to the agent.  Thanks
   to Azarah for spotting it.

* keychain 2.5.3 (09 Mar 2005)

   09 Mar 2005; Aron Griffis <>;
   Improve handling of DISPLAY by unsetting if blank.  Call gpg with
   --use-agent explicitly.

* keychain 2.5.2 (06 Mar 2005)

   06 Mar 2005; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug 78974 "keychain errors on Big/IP (x86 BSD variant)" by refraining
   from using ! in conditional expressions.  Fix RSA fingerprint extraction
   on Solaris, reported in email by Travis Fitch.  Use $HOSTNAME when
   possible instead of calling uname -n to improve bash_profile

* keychain 2.5.1 (12 Jan 2005)

   12 Jan 2005; Aron Griffis <>;
   Don't accidentally inherit a forwarded agent when
   inheritwhich=local-once.  Move the --stop warning after the version

* keychain 2.5.0 (07 Jan 2005)

   07 Jan 2005; Aron Griffis <>;
   Add inheritance support via --inherit.  Add parameters to --stop for
   more control.  Change the default behavior of keychain to inherit if
   there's no keychain agent running ("--inherit local-once"), and
   refrain from killing other agents unless "--stop others" is

* keychain 2.4.3 (17 Nov 2004)

   17 Nov 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug 69879: Update findpids to work again on BSD; it has been
   broken since the changes in version 2.4.2.  Now we use OSTYPE (bash)
   or uname to determine the system type and call ps appropriately.

* keychain (30 Sep 2004)

   30 Sep 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix minor issues in the test for existing gpg keys wrt DISPLAY

* keychain 2.4.2 (29 Sep 2004)

   29 Sep 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Make gpg support more complete.  Allow adding keys, clearing the
   agent, etc.  Fix --quick support to work properly again; it was
   broken since 2.4.0.  Change default --attempts to 1 since the progs
   ask multiple times anyway.

* keychain 2.4.1 (22 Sep 2004)

   22 Sep 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bugs 64174 and 64178; support Sun SSH, which is really OpenSSH
   in disguise and a few critical outputs changed.  Thanks to Nathan
   Bardsley for lots of help debugging on Solaris 9

   15 Sep 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix pod2man output so it formats properly on SGI systems.  Thanks to
   Matthew Moore for reporting the problem.

* keychain 2.4.0 (09 Sep 2004)

   09 Sep 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug 26970 with first pass at gpg-agent support

   Fix Debian bug 269722; don't filter output of ssh-add

   Fix bug reported by Marko Myllynen regarding keychain and Solaris
   awk's inability to process -F'[ :]'

   Fix bug in now_seconds calculation, noticed by me.

* keychain 2.3.5 (28 Jul 2004)

   28 Jul 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug 58623 with patch from Daniel Westermann-Clark; don't put an
   extra newline in the output of listmissing

   Generate keychain.spec from automatically so that
   the version can be set appropriately.

* keychain 2.3.4 (24 Jul 2004)

   24 Jul 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug 28599 reported by Bruno Pelaia; ignore defunct processes in
   ps output

* keychain 2.3.3 (30 Jun 2004)

   30 Jun 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug reported by Matthew S. Moore in email; escape the backticks
   in --help output

   Fix bug reported by Herbie Ong in email; set pidf, cshpidf and lockf
   variables after parsing command-line to honor --dir setting

   Fix bug reported by Stephan Stahl in email; make spaces in filenames
   work throughout keychain, even in pure Bourne shell

   Fix operation on HP-UX with older OpenSSH by interpreting output of
   ssh-add as well as the error status

* keychain 2.3.2 (16 Jun 2004)

   16 Jun 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug 53837 (keychain needs ssh-askpass) by unsetting SSH_ASKPASS
   when --nogui is specified

* keychain 2.3.1 (03 Jun 2004)

   03 Jun 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Fix bug 52874: problems when the user is running csh

* keychain 2.3.0 (14 May 2004)

   14 May 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Rewrite the locking code to avoid procmail

* keychain 2.2.2 (03 May 2004)

   03 May 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Call loadagent prior to generating HOSTNAME-csh file so that
   variables are set.

* keychain 2.2.1 (27 Apr 2004)

   27 Apr 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Find running ssh-agent processes by searching for /[s]sh-agen/
   instead of /[s]sh-agent/ for the sake of Solaris, which cuts off ps
   -u output at 8 characters.  Thanks to Clay England for reporting the
   problem and testing the fix.

* keychain 2.2.0 (21 Apr 2004)

   21 Apr 2004; Aron Griffis <>;
   Rewrote most of the code, organized into functions, fixed speed
   issues involving ps, fixed compatibility issues for various UNIXes,
   hopefully didn't introduce too many bugs.  This version has a
   --quick option (for me) and a --timeout option (for carpaski).

   Also added a Makefile and converted the man-page to pod for easier
   editing.  See perlpod(1) for information on the format.  Note that
   the pod is sucked into keychain and colorized when you run make.

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Hack Kampbjørn

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