Bug in setup.exe: uninstall a module result in other installs

Bloo Bloo bloo435@yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 13:40:00 GMT 2005


I hope that this problem is not already somewhere, I
searched in the faq and mailing list but I couldn't
find it although it seems very annoying.

I think that the present user interface of setup.exe
to choose the operation (install, ... uninstall) on a
module, by cycling the options, is buggy. The reason
is: while cycling, setup.exe will automatically update
other module's option according to the dependencies
list. If during options cycling a module get selected
for install, this module will stay in this state. But
to uninstall a module; the user has to cycle through
'install source' and most often 'install older
version' options, thus dependencies of this older
version will be marked to install although the user
actually wants to uninstall the module. Since the
'keep' option is the first one and 'uninstall' is the
last one, it becomes extremely hard to get rid of some
complex sets of modules.

I suggest an option to compute the dependencies only
on demand, so that the user can cycle to 'uninstall'
without messing the other dependencies when he wishes

Thanks for reading.

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