mkcramfs & mkfs.jffs2 packages

Marion Deveaud
Wed Mar 30 07:50:00 GMT 2005

Robb, Sam wrote:
>>On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 02:36:05PM +0200, Marion Deveaud wrote:
>>>Unfortunately I have no time to maintain those packages. The 
>>most part 
>>>of the work is to assure the compatibility of the image with Linux 
>>>filesystems drivers.
>>If you can't maintain the packages then these can't be submitted for
>>the release.  Maintenance is part of the deal when you offer packages
>>like this.
> Marion,
>   I'd be happy to work with you on the initial package release,
> and I'm willing to take on maintenance responsibility for them
> after the initial release.
Thanks for your proposition. I hadn't realized that an official 
maintainer should have been delivered with the package and I'm glad 
you're feeling up to do it.

>   What versions of these utilities are you working with?  
For mkcramfs the original code was taken from ELDK (cramfs-0.0.1) since 
my target is a PPC the tool must have an option to switch endianness.
For mkfs.jffs2 code was taken in the MTD snapshot dated from 03.12.2004 
(version 1.42).

> have builds that we maintain internally that include some minor
> fixes to devtable support that we'd like to see included if
> these are to become official Cygwin packages.
> -Samrobb

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