new run package

Alexander Gottwald
Tue Nov 1 12:50:00 GMT 2005


I've packaged run.exe into a new package and altered the references in
X-start-menu-icons and X-startup-scripts. run.exe is installed
as /usr/bin/run.exe _and_ /usr/X11R6/bin/run.exe to prevent user created
shortcuts to break. 

Both x-startup-scripts and x-start-menu-icons have increased version
numbers although there were no features added. I just moved the past
changes into the "upstream" tarball to clean up the patchfile and to
make life for Alan easier when he'll start working on the packages.


mkdir -p "run"
pushd "run"
wget ""
wget ""
wget ""

mkdir -p "X-start-menu-icons"
pushd "X-start-menu-icons"
wget ""
wget ""
wget ""

mkdir -p "X-startup-scripts"
pushd "X-startup-scripts"
wget ""
wget ""
wget ""

sdesc: "start console programs with hidden console"
category: Base
requires: cygwin
ldesc: "run starts console programs with hidden console. It is required by X-startup-scripts"

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