Problem with setup.hint of singular-helper

Eric Blake
Sat Nov 5 21:38:00 GMT 2005

> If you look at the generated setup.ini, you see the following two
> packages:
> @ singular-help
> @ singular-helper
> sdesc: "A computer algebra system for [...]"
> ldesc: "SINGULAR is a Computer Algebra [...]"
> category: Base
> requires: singular-base singular-share singular-help singular-icons
> singular-surf rxvt emacs emacs-X11

Sure enough, your analysis that this is a problem is correct.  But all my
poking around in the release directory couldn't find where singular-helper
is coming from.  Could it be that upset is creating "singular-helper" out
of midair since release/singular is empty except for subdirectories?  If
so, would adding a setup.hint to release/singular be good enough to
stop upset from inventing singular-helper?  Most packages with
subdirectories also have a package by the primary name (take, for
example,  release/readline vs. release/readline/libreadline6).

Eric Blake

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