postgresql-8.0.4-1 and 8.1.0-1 ready to upload

Reini Urban
Wed Nov 9 20:33:00 GMT 2005

All suggestions from the previous threads are in:
   --dep cygserver --termsig INT

   6626006 38290bb1caad7720bb558126d26fb5ce
   10954952 697f4861e3660896e587c103423b155d

   6846969 400b08d6dd7bd02ebcb7991ab365013c
   11403559 eb4807dbb3eb72ddabc5b662bc2dbb6e

8.0.0cvs-1 and 7.4.3-1 can be deleted.

This server is very slow, my old replacement for the still broken
big machine. I usually need an overnight rsync loop to get them up 

And wonder if we really need 8.0 as curr, since 8.1 is e.g. much better 
in GiST locking, concurrency, crash-safe, esp. needed for tsearch2 and 
PostGIS, and the PGDATA's are incompatible, making upgrades a major pain.
Reini Urban

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