RFC: [ITP] Installation Profiles packages

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Thu Nov 10 16:48:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Hannu E K Nevalainen wrote:

> Igor wrote:
> <SNIP>
> > How about just .INSTALLATION-PROFILES?  Why have more than one
> > category here?
> Ok ...or just .PROFILES then? (KISS?)


>  In combination w explaining words somewhere around the chooser:
> "Use (one) choice(s) from the .PROFILE group to slant your cygwin
> installation against a specific intended use." (too many words?).

We don't have category descriptions, unfortunately...

> >> AFTERTHOUGHT: The commandline "automatic install" possibilities need
> >> to be considered before adding GUI-stuff.
> >
> > Adding "GUI-stuff" is easy.  Decoupling installation from GUI to allow
> > command line "automatic install" is hard.
> > 	Igor
> Ough...  :-7
>  Even going for;
>   Not allowing profile++ selection for command line startup?
> /STOP HERE/ if you're not open to new ideas.
> I have to admit, I have yet to take a first read on the source. But anyway,
> this might give other ppl ideas:
> Definition: GCAS := all the _GUI _Choosers/selections _And _Screens
> 1) Would it be hard to make a command line startup bypass GCAS and head
> directly for installation? In this: Requiring choices to have been made
> previously.

Yes.  The point is that GCAS is going to be involved in the package
selection process, one way or another.  Even if you try to not materialize
the GUI screens (which is a possibility), the code that deals with the
package installation list is part of the GUI code.

> 2) Make it possible to run GCAS and the stop, with no download/install
> sequence at all; saving selections made to setup file(s) - which can be
> reused. Intention: to allow a run of 1) afterwards.

This is essentially 1).  The fact that the selections come from a file
saved by the chooser as opposed to a file created by hand is reasonably

> 3) make files created at 2) be checksummed and say "The settings file(s)
> has a bad checksum and might have been tampered with manually; BE
> WARNED! Remember \"WJM\" <evil laugh>" if the checksum doesn't match.

This is a completely separate issue.

> And yes, SHTDI - but would it be a tedious task?

Yes, most definitely.  It won't be very hard, but it will be tedious.  And
SHTDI does sum it up nicely.  Enjoy. :-)
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