[ITP] Installation Profiles packages

Carl Karsten carl@personnelware.com
Fri Nov 11 18:38:00 GMT 2005

(Sorry for the late post, I was trying to get the news server to take it.  guess 
that isn't an option for this list?)

> This would be particularly nice if setup.exe were modified so that on
> an initial installation, it showed a "profile selection page" first,
> instead of the package selection page.
> The profile selection page would let the user choose one or more
> profiles to install; the packages selected would be a union of the
> dependencies from the profiles.  There could be a check box for
> "advanced package selection" that the user could select if they
> wanted to go to the regular package selection page.

Good idea.

In addition: user picks profiles and "advanced", the package selection page would 
be setup with the packages that the picked profiles use.

Now for the fun: If they hit "advanced" alter the current package selections, hit 
"Back" the package list should reflect what profiles are still fully supported. 
For instance: pick WebServer + advanced, next, unselect php, back - WebServer 
should no longer be selected.

more fun: WebServer is 1/2 selected - gray or something.

Better fun: 15 of 16 packages selected.

Roll the Profile and Advanced into one:  Profiles items in the package selection 
tree, and under it are all the related packages.   The same package can be in more 
than one Profile, and the bottom of the list would be the "All" profile.

> Re-running setup.exe (for updates, as opposed to an installation)
> would skip the profile selection page and go straight to the package
> selection page.

Not so good.  I think it should always start with the profile page, defaulting to 
the currently selected packages, just like if they had hit "Back."


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