RFC: gnome-libs packaging

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit@familiehaase.de
Sat Nov 26 09:13:00 GMT 2005

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
> Hi Yaakov,
>> BTW, I forgot to mention; regardless of how I package gnome-libs, that
>> there will need to be a minor change to libgnomeui2.  Most of the
>> pixmaps usually installed by libgnomeui2 are relics from GNOME 1.4, and
>> are (and need to be) included in libgnomeui-1.4.2.  This will cause
>> files to be clobbered, etc.
> I have uploaded gnome-libs as is.  And additionally pulled your
> current libgnomui2 package, libart_lgpl is renamed to libart_lgpl2.

And I have changed three setup.hints to require libart_lgpl2 now.


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