Fwd: cygwin tools in context menus

Dave d_inabox@yahoo.com
Sun Nov 27 10:22:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent wrote:
> Rupert Brooks wrote:
>>  What i would like to do, is be able to right click on a file
>> in Windows explorer and have a cygwin tool be avaiable either
>> for the open, or the open with command.  I've tried quite a
>> variety of things, and i've gotten close... but so far no
>> cigar.  Heres a description of what i tried and the problems
>> that result
> There are two fundamental problems you're running into here.
> First, Explorer will try to provide a windows filename 
> (C:\Documents...) but gv is a Cygwin application and expects a
> posix filename (/cygdrive/c/Documents...).  You should not try
> to give windows filenames to Cygwin programs, because if it
> works you are just lucky. This is what the cygpath utility is
> for.
> Second, you need to quote the filename so that it is passed all
> as one argument.
> Unfortunately combining the two such that you don't get a
> command prompt is kind of hard.

A couple of weeks ago I thought of adding support in chere to create context
menus for applications (as well as the shells). This would address most of the
issues raised from this thread (on the cygwin list), and possibly a few others
(access to network paths).

Something along the lines of looking in a particular directory for shell script
framnents (setting particular environment variables) and sourcing them from
chere. Package maintainers (i.e. you guys) could then add scripts to this
directory allowing the user to add context menu items for whichever packages
they desired (and have installed).

It would mean a significant internal change for chere, but it should be

Does this sound like something that would be made use of?

If there's sufficient support, I'll look into it further and come back with a
basic specification for the shell script fragments and some examples for further



PS. Should this be cross-posted to cygwin-xfree? Or are the maintainers of X
packages on this list too?

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