[pcre] pcre-doc

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit@familiehaase.de
Tue Nov 29 06:01:00 GMT 2005

Dave schrieb:

> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>> Hello,
>> pcre requires pcre-doc.  Isn't it possible to use pcre without having
>> the docs installed?

>   Well, I'd say it isn't possible to use _any_ package without RTFMing, in the
> most general case!


>   I think that making sure the docs get installed along with the package is
> probably an effective way to reduce the amount of support calls it would
> otherwise bring in to the main list.  We'd get lots of questions that we'd
> have to answer with "RTFM... _what_ FM?  Oh, yes, we forgot to say that first
> you have to ITFM before you can RTFM...."

>   I don't think it should be made easy to install a package without also
> getting its docs.  Anyone who's _desparate_ to confuse themselves can, of
> course, deselect them in the chooser and then untick the "Install Missing
> Dependencies" box.....  (see earlier thread!)

Then it would be better to not split the package in several parts.  I
include all the docs and manuals in the main package e.g. with gcc or
perl and with small packages I don't even think about splitting.  On the
other hand my doc packages doesn't require anything and no package
requires its doc package to be installed.


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