[PATCH] Update of "size" column patch for setup (Was Re: Issetup-2.506 ready to release?)

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Mon Sep 5 18:03:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Actually, I think it makes more sense to treat it as "the amount of
> *extra* disk space that will be occupied after the downloads" (since it
> doesn't account for the expanded size of the tarball anyway).  I'll see if
> I can change the logic accordingly at some point soon.

The problem there is that by that interpretation, the size column should
be zero for every row except those packages which have been selected to
download/install/upgrade.  That would be quite confusing, since you can
no longer use the column to judge size before picking a package. 
Otherwise you get the baffling situation of clicking "Src" and seeing
the number decrease, despite the fact that you have just added more
bytes to download and more hard drive space to be occupied.

I think the notion of "amount that will be downloaded" would be better
expressed as a running total that is displayed on a different part of
the dialog, rather than in the size column.

> No problem.  On an unrelated note, do we want to resurrect Max's
> colorization patch (one that color-codes the packages according to their
> installed status, from wa-ay back when [Jan 2003])?

I never saw that one.  I'll look at it, but I'm a little hesitent that
it might add more confusion to an already confusing interface.  Plus
when colors are involved, everyone has a different idea of what looks
good, not to mention that end users will have varied visual themes /
color schemes selected in display options.

To be honest the next feature that I think needs to go in is some means
of controlling the window size, such as saving/restoring the last window
size/position.  I say that because with the addition of this size
column, the default starting size of the package picker page is now such
that the description field is nearly entirely off the screen, and the
user almost certainly will have to resize the dialog.  Saving/restoring
the window coordinates saves us from having to make any decisions about
how large or small it should be - the user just resizes it once to
whatever is desired and then it persists.

I was thinking of adding another preference file, such as
/etc/setup/last-options or something that would store this information
as well as anything similar.  E.g. we could have the "create desktop
icon" choice persist as well.


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