Drop textmode from setup?

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Wed Sep 7 14:02:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> My first response was "Well, if you're prepared to deal with people saying
> <<I created a file in Cygwin, and opened it in Notepad, and now it looks
> like one big line>>, go for it"...  Then I realized it's not true for all
> programs (e.g., "vi" doesn't do that), but let's review some of the
> possible complaints, so that we're prepared to handle them.

The right way to handle this is with good documentation.  We'd need to
update the users guide and/or FAQ to reflect the fact that textmode is
gone from setup.exe but can still be used, with examples of how to mount
a subdirectory as textmode.  And a FAQ about "I tried to edit my source
code in Notepad, blah blah blah".

> Yes, definitely.  It's been time for a while.  There were some outstanding
> issues -- IIRC, at least one has been fixed.  Brian, what do you say?

Yeah, we should Just Do It.  The thing of "well there are still bugs to
fix" is a cop-out.  At least, the current version is not worse than the
stable release.

On a related note: Do we really need to continue to do the release
branch?  If there's a good reason for it then sure, but it seems to me
like just an unnecessary complication.


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