Tooltip delays (was: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Cygwin setup.exe bugfix release 2.510.2.2)

Brian Dessent
Thu Sep 8 16:50:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> What about the two patches for the problems Eric reported?

They looked good.  The one about the background color could be
simplified a bit by a single call to SetBkMode in PickView::paint, but
otherwise your patch was more or less what I had tried in my working dir
after seeing the report.

The tooltip delay has been on my todo list forever, so I'm glad to see a
patch fot it too.  However I'm not sure if calculating a delay based on
the size of the tooltip is a great idea.  I had planned to just set the
delay to infinity (or whatever the max time is), and eliminate the
question of how long to pause, and just have it disappear when the user
moves off of the control.

Does anyone else have an opinion on the tooltip delay?  Is an infinite
delay a UI no-no?

I didn't include them in this .2 update because I wanted to just get
something out ASAP since the crashing seemed to be an acute problem.

> > If you encounter problems using setup.exe, please report your experience
> > to the cygwin-apps mailing list, cygwin-apps <at>
> You might want to mention next time that cygwin-apps is a subscriber-only
> list.

Ah, good point, I had not considered that.


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