Release branching (was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Cygwin setup.exe bugfix release 2.510.2.2)

Max Bowsher
Thu Sep 8 17:23:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent wrote:
> However, I think the larger question is do we *really* need a release
> branch?  I only did it this time because it seems to be established
> procedure, but I see no real reason to continue it.  I guess it made
> sense in prior times when there were destabilising changes being made on
> HEAD, but is this something that's still relevent?

I think it is always worthwhile creating a release branch, because it is 
trivial to do at the time, but more awkward to do retroactively.

I would, however, not bother to bump the ChangeLog revision on the branch 
just to make the version number change - so, I would have released 2.510, 
and the first bugfix would then be 2.510.2.1.

The reason for creating the branch is that it gives you the option to make a 
minimal workaround on the branch, and release quickly, whilst working on a 
better-designed fix on trunk, should it be necessary.

And, if nothing has happened on trunk, and you don't feel you needed the 
branch, you can just commit on trunk, and start a new release branch.


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