Neon packaging of multiple versions

Eric Blake
Fri Sep 9 12:12:00 GMT 2005

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According to Igor Pechtchanski on 9/8/2005 8:50 AM:
> Ugh.  Couldn't this be installed into /usr/share/neon-*/man, and handled
> by judicious manipulation of the MANPATH?

This sounds good to me - judicious use of the alternatives system to
select which script in /etc/profile.d/ alters your MANPATH, then install
the versioned man pages into two distinct directories.  You will then see
the set of man pages corresponding to the directory added to MANPATH by
the alternatives-based profile script.

> It might be a bit more intuitive to use ne_malloc-0.24 and ne_malloc-0.25.
> Alternatively, you could stick the version into the section number (i.e.,
> ne_malloc from section 3-0.24 or 3-0.25).  That way, users can select the
> right manpages by using the -S flag.

I don't think adding new sections is the best idea.  For the most part,
libraries with incompatible versions and incompatible man pages tend to
install only the most recent man pages - yes, this means that compiling
against an older version of the library means you don't have accurate
documentation, but why are you actively developing against the older
library version to need the older documentation?

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