Neon packaging of multiple versions

Max Bowsher
Fri Sep 9 14:55:00 GMT 2005

Eric Blake wrote:
> According to Igor Pechtchanski on 9/8/2005 8:50 AM:
>> Ugh.  Couldn't this be installed into /usr/share/neon-*/man, and handled
>> by judicious manipulation of the MANPATH?
> This sounds good to me - judicious use of the alternatives system to
> select which script in /etc/profile.d/ alters your MANPATH, then install
> the versioned man pages into two distinct directories.  You will then see
> the set of man pages corresponding to the directory added to MANPATH by
> the alternatives-based profile script.

That could certainly work. It's a lot of complication just for manpages, 

> For the most part,
> libraries with incompatible versions and incompatible man pages tend to
> install only the most recent man pages - yes, this means that compiling
> against an older version of the library means you don't have accurate
> documentation, but why are you actively developing against the older
> library version to need the older documentation?

Debian simply doesn't install any manpages for neon, as all the information 
is duplicated in html form in /usr/share/doc, anyway.


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