Checked in a sort of 'setup.ini/setup.hint' lint script

James R. Phillips
Fri Sep 9 16:53:00 GMT 2005

--- Christopher Faylor wrote:

> As the subject says, what I had in mind was a "lint" program for people
> who want to make sure that their setup.hint files are correct, i.e.,
> genini --output=newsetup.ini setup.ini `find octave -name 'setup.hint'
> -printf "%h\n"` 
> You don't need a whole copy of the repository.
> As usual, it's a good idea to *try it* before speculating about what it
> does.
> cgf

Um, I did.  And it worked in the way I described for both functions for which I
tried it.  This tool can be used for more than one purpose - I think that's good.

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