Packaging of gettext message catalogs (.mo files)

Brian Dessent
Tue Sep 13 23:27:00 GMT 2005

Max Bowsher wrote:

> Only if you actually want non-English messages.
> I just thought to look at my /usr/share/locale - it is 26MB, making the the
> half-meg contribution to that from Subversion suddenly seem not so
> significant after all.
> I guess I'm overreacting, since no one has questioned that size already.

Debian has a great metapackage 'localepurge' that will automatically
delete message catalogs except those languages that you specify.  Once
installed it automatically does this for any new package that is added
or upgraded.  That thing saves hundreds of MB...

ObCygwin: You could probably approximate this with a postinstall script
that somehow renames itself back to from so that it
runs every time.


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