Command 'more': missing dll cygpcre.dll [Attn more maintainer]

Eric Blake
Wed Sep 14 20:29:00 GMT 2005

> It's there - try unchecking the check box to show obsolete
> packages.  But as more-2.11o-1 really does depend on libpcre,
> it needs to be recompiled to pick up the security flaw.
> Meanwhile, as a temporary workaround, I've updated the setup.hint
> to depend on libpcre until a new more is uploaded.  This will make
> libpcre be picked up even though it is hidden by being obsolete.

Actually, more-2.11o-1 was quite easy to build, and on recompilation
it automatically picked up the newer libraries.  Since more has
not had an update since Mar 2002 (carved from util-linux 2.11o),
but util-linux is now at 2.13-pre4, I'm assuming the maintainer is
MIA, so I uploaded more-2.11o-2.  I am NOT interested in maintaining
this (I made no changes whatsoever from the -1 release other than
the linked in libraries), as evidenced by the fact that I did not recarve
more out of the latest util-linux.  But at least the libpcre dependency
is gone now.  If there really is a maintainer, please step up and
release more-2.13 sometime soon.

But hey, not only do you get the libpcre security fix, but you
can now do 'more 3-gig-file', since the old more was so old it
was linked back when cygwin could not do 64-bit file offsets!

Eric Blake
(hopefully not stuck with being the more maintainer)

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