How about script? [was: Re: Command 'more': missing dll cygpcre.dll [Attn more maintainer]]

Gerrit P. Haase
Fri Sep 16 09:29:00 GMT 2005

James R. Phillips wrote:

> --- Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>Checking various linux systems:
>>  % rpm -q -f /bin/more     
>>  util-linux-2.12p-9.3
>>  %  dpkg -S /bin/more            
>>  util-linux: /bin/more
>>  % epm -q -f /bin/more
>>  util-linux-2.12q-r1
>>So, no, I will not be including a 'more' symlink in the 'less' package.
>>I'll take on 'more' maintenance responsibilities.
> Hm, another program in util-linux that would be nice to have is 'script'. All
> linux systems have it. Is anyone interested in taking that on ?

script does not build out of the box.  I ported another similar tool,
I believe Reini has done something similar.  Unfortunately I cannot
find the announcement / bookmark / package name / patch.


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