Update: apache-1.3.33-1

Robert Richter cygwin@fast4ward.de
Tue Sep 20 18:33:00 GMT 2005

> >I managed to be back to this mailing list with a new account, since my
> >old one did not reach the list anymore.
> Can you translate the above?  What does "my old one did not reach the
> list anymore" mean?  You need to be subscribed to either the mailing
> list itself or cygwin-apps-allow to send email to this mailing list.  If
> the old email account was still valid there is no reason that you'd have
> to set up a new mailing list to send email here.

My sourceforge.net account is not a mailbox, mails are forwareded. To
send a mail I am using another mail provider. Some weeks ago I got in
trouble to send emails from that account since mail were bounced by the
Cygwin list email server. There could be two reasons for that:
Either my provider changed email header or Cygwin mail server
configuration has been changed. The list seems to respond to the
'Return-Path' instead of the 'From' field. Since the Return-Path is
generated by my provider, I had no chance to reconfigure anything. 
So I changed my account.

This is the header data of my recent account (I removed some private data):

From: <rrsource@users.sourceforge.net>


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