Do we still have a whois maintainer? (was Re: note to whois maintainer)

Lapo Luchini
Wed Sep 21 17:16:00 GMT 2005

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Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Thank you very much!  Let's wait until end of the week, if Mark doesn't
> show up, feel free to create a new package.

Then... should I?
(I didn't notice any message from Mark, but then again I've been very
busy and the ML has been quite high traffic, so I may have missed it)

What about the fact that that advisory referred to a fact that is
probably so by design (but which I can *NOT* reproduce with actual
Cygwin version, which was updated just a few days AFTER the date of that
advisory message)?
If that is felt as a strong problem, we should probably evaluate using
FreeBSD's whois? Seems to be a bit less easy to use with some addresses,
and has way more options <>.

Either way suits me ;-)


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