libming and ploticus

Reini Urban
Sat Sep 24 21:01:00 GMT 2005

Andrew Schulman schrieb:
> I'm considering packaging ploticus for Cygwin.  Ploticus can output
> images in many formats, including SWF, but SWF requires libming, which
> isn't currently in Cygwin.  I found this thread from Reini Urban,
> about packaging libming for Cygwin:
> Reini, do you still intend to package libming for Cygwin?  (Or is
> anyone else interested?)  I could take a hack at it myself, but that
> old thread suggests that there are a lot of packaging considerations
> that you had already worked on.
> For ploticus, libming isn't essential at all, but it would be nice to
> include the SWF output capability.  For that, all I would need is
>, plus the header files to build ploticus.

I have both ploticus and libming at my repository. I use it very often 
for phpwiki.
libming is very unstable but okay as static lib,
ploticus very stable.

I don't really want to propose ploticus, because pl.exe is already
given to SWI-Prolog, so I'm happy using it internally.
And I don't really want to change the name to ploticus.exe

The problems with other attempts to package ploticus was
the bad location of the required prefabs and the samples.

  /usr/share/doc/ploticus-2.30-2/gallery/* 	(samples from pl230gal)
  /usr/share/doc/ploticus-2.30-2/doc/* 		(website from pl230docs)
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-B-I.fdb (for SWF)
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-B.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-I.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans Mono.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans-B-I.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans-B.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans-I.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Sans.fdb  (the default)
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Serif-B.fdb
  /usr/share/fonts/fdb/Bitstream Vera Serif.fdb
  /usr/share/ploticus/*.pl (prefab ploticus scripts, not perl!)
  /usr/share/ploticus/GraphPopups.js (additional SVG javascript hooks)

I would be happy if you would like to propose it, but not so happy if 
you leave out the prefabs, docs, samples and testsuite.

I forgot if Bitstream Vera is in any other package yet. package-grep 
doesn't find it. Should be so.

Maybe like this?
   test -f /usr/bin/pl || ln -s /usr/bin/ploticus /usr/bin/pl

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