[ITP] ploticus and ploticus-doc

Schulman.Andrew@epamail.epa.gov Schulman.Andrew@epamail.epa.gov
Wed Sep 28 11:04:00 GMT 2005

I would like to package and maintain ploticus for Cygwin.  Ploticus is
command-line software for creating plots and graphics, similar to

Ploticus is part of Debian unstable:

Source homepage:    http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/
Source download:
License:            GPL

Packaging notes:

- The main executable is named /usr/bin/ploticus.

- SWF output capability has been omitted for now, since libming isn't
available yet for Cygwin.  All of the other output capabilities are
there:  X11, PNG, SVG, JPEG, WBMP, PS, and EPS, with FreeType2 support.

- The Bitstream Vera fonts and extra Javascript files that Reini listed
aren't in this package.  They're not part of the ploticus source, I
don't have them, and either I don't know their purpose (Javascript) or
they probably belong in a different package (fonts).  However, if it
makes sense to add them I'll be glad to do so.

- The HTML documentation for ploticus weighs about 4 times as much as
the program package, and is available online.  For that reason I've
split the docs into a separate ploticus-doc package.

- I put ploticus in the Graphics category, but also in Libs, because it
contains libploticus.a.  Please let me know if this isn't appropriate.

Please review, and if the packages are found suitable, upload.


<setup.hint for ploticus>
sdesc: "Command-line plot and graph generator"
ldesc: "Ploticus is command-line software for creating plots, charts,
and graphics
from data.  Ploticus is good for automated or just-in-time graph
You can use 'prefabs' to quickly create common types of graphs, or write
custom scripts to give you full control.  Ploticus can make scatter,
bar, box,
range, vector, pie, and venn charts, and offers curve fitting, multiple
and plot areas, legends, and text overlays. It allows significant user
over colors, styles, options and details. It handles date and time data
nicely, and has basic statistical capabilities.  The results can be
displayed directly, or output as PNG, JPEG, WBMP, SVG, PS, or EPS
category: Graphics Libs
requires: cygwin expat libfontconfig1 libfreetype26 libgd2 libiconv2
libjpeg62 libpng12 xorg-x11-bin-dlls zlib
</setup.hint for ploticus>

<setup.hint for ploticus-doc>
sdesc: "Command-line plot and graph generator (HTML documentation)"
ldesc: "Ploticus is command-line software for creating plots, charts,
and graphics
from data.  This package contains the HTML documentation for ploticus."
category: Graphics Doc
requires: ploticus
</setup.hint for ploticus-doc>



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