postgresql-8.01 and 8.1 ready

Reini Urban
Thu Sep 29 22:30:00 GMT 2005

[I don't see my answer in gmail, and the nameserver of my main domain
is dead today, so I repost]
Reini Urban schrieb:
> More info in the announcement at the cygwin list.
> 8.0.0cvs-1 and 7.4.3-1 can be deleted.
> 8.1beta2 has some minor problems, I'll upload 8.1beta3 then.

I've added some minor changes to the README and init.d script for the
recommended usage of --termsig INT in favor of --termsig TERM.
Thanks Jason!

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  10932419 14a3f004c648606c6e98799d2eb747ba

  6732703 fba25b3c6463f2b615362a2bb2f6a73f
  11275901 ee3eb8500033119d5d6e109615f4f8d9

For the freegis packages using postgresql:
geos is ready, gdal broke recently but I still have an old one,
so postgis will be soon out and ITP'd.
For mapserver I'd prefer apache-php, but as cgi it will work also fine.
slony-I and pgcluster afterwards.
Reini Urban

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